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Easy D.I.Y. Sustainable Gift Ideas

You can make gifts with very little expense and effort and the thought that goes into them is more sane as well as more conscious:

Here are some ideas:

Make “Rice Pillows” or “Rice Socks”:

Do you have mis-matched socks in your home?  This is a perfect use for them!

If you can sew or have old (clean) socks, these are super easy to make.

Take a clean sock and fill it 3/4 of the way full with rice…you can add several drops of your favorite essential oil to make it smell nice.

Tie a tight knot at the open end

Make a nice card with directions:

(something like…)

“This rice pillow will soothe aches and pains, be a comfort for an upset tummy, keep your feet warm on cold nights, ease a headache, help you relax and more!”

You can decorate it with permanent marker or buttons.

Here are some more detailed directions on how to sew your own:

You can also make hot chocolate or cookie mix in canning jars.  You can wash, sanitize and re-use spaghetti sauce or jam jars, nut butter jars and more.

Pinterest has a plethora of ideas:

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