Spring Forward

As I was riding my bicycle to yoga today, I heard many different birds singing to each other…so happy that the sun is shining and things are starting to turn green after a long, cold winter. These little signs of seasonal change can be tuned into. Buds have appeared on our Japanese Magnolia – the first tell-tale sign that the bushes and trees are ready to burst out of their dry, brown, tired winter husks. Crocus blooms sprout from between snow piles and the grass is becoming green again.

All this tells me that it is time to start planting seeds indoors. This is a new habit for me as of last year. All of the seeds I planted last year sprouted, but about 1/3 of my seedlings molded and died. It is all a big experiment for me as I learn more and more about how to grow our food. I am a novice learning from failure each year. One success was planting seeds from a butternut squash from the previous year and getting the seeds to sprout indoors, transplanting them to our small urban garden outside and watching those seeds become squash again by July. It seemed such a miracle to witness the full cycle first-hand.

This year, I plan to try seedlings in another location with south-facing sun (THE key ingredient to success here in the Northern Hemisphere) where they will get the most sun. I will also try to not drown them this time.