Taking a Hard Look at My Carbon Footprint

I’m sitting at my desk for the first time all summer. This is the first time I’ve had to really contemplate my impact. This past summer, I did a lot of traveling…to New York City, Paris, Pennsylvania road trip and San Diego. Realizing that no matter how much recycling, composting and conservation I do at home, one trip in an airplane pretty much negates all my efforts. So, I set out to off-set my carbon impact by doing a bit of research.

I quickly found www.carbonfootprint.com and used their calculator to determine my carbon footprint just from flights and the road trip.

Denver –> New York –> Paris (Return) (Plane)

2.58 metric tons of CO2

Denver –> Northeast Corner of Pennsylvania (Return) (Hybrid SUV Automobile)
1.30 metric tons of CO2

Denver –> New York (Return) (Plane)
.82 metric tons of CO2

Denver –> San Diego (Return) (Plane)
.43 metric tons of CO2

Total: 5.13 metric tons of CO2

For a little as $58.92 I can off-set my usage. Wow. There’s one way to get the “should” off my back!

Other options include:



25+ Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

among others…. Google has a wealth of resources on reducing your carbon footprint and off-setting your carbon contribution.