The Smart Home: Part 1

As winter fades away, I am drawn to the question of this summer’s weather.  I suspect it will be hot, based on the relatively mild winter.  That means that the money I saved in heating bills this winter will be extracted from me in the form of electric bills to run air conditioning on sweltering days this summer.  Water bills will increase to keep our lawn at some minimal level of existence and nurture our vegetable garden.  What should I be doing now to help offset these increasing bills and have the added benefit of convenience?  I have heard about the promise of a smart home.  Is there some technology out there that will allow me to save money on a monthly basis and make my home more livable, or at the very least not increase the maintenance of my home?  As I think about the options, it gets even more complicated.  There are multiple competing technologies that provide very similar benefits.  Light control options alone take the form of light switch replacements, light socket replacements, or smart LED lights directly.  The underlying technology also varies, although a few front runners, may make this an easier decision soon.  The range of solutions can be overwhelming, and because of that there are options for home controllers, hubs or brains that will help coordinate all of these devices in a central location.  I am not sure I am ready to take the full dive into smart home yet, or that I could even afford it.  How can I decide where to start with a smart home option that will also reduce my carbon footprint?  I need to use a simple criteria to determine what to explore first:

  • Easy to understand and install myself
  • Proven benefit for my environmental impact
  • Financial benefit of reduced monthly bills (at least during the summer)

Upon examination of my monthly summer bills, the largest upward swing is in electricity and water.  Electricity is driven almost exclusively by air conditioning and water usage is driven by yard maintenance.  Electricity bills are much higher than water bills, so I will focus on that first.

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