Today’s challenge should be super easy if you already recycle.  Here goes…


Start recycling – –

if you already recycle,

make sure you’re following your

waste management’s guidelines and

start recycling one new item


The most important part of this is “following your waste management’s guidelines”.  Recycling varies depending on where you live.  What was recyclable in Boston when I lived there was not exactly the same in Atlanta when I lived there.  And, Australia did it even differently when we lived there.  Now that I’m in Denver again, not only are the guidelines different, but it’s changed in the past 18 years.  When we first moved to Denver, we had to separate items (paper/cardboard/chipboard in one bin and glass, aluminum, steel and plastic in another).  Denver Recycles did not accept TetraPak (asceptic) and only accepted bottles (the neck had to be smaller than the rest).  Now, it is gloriously single stream and they accept many more items!  However, they still do not accept plastic bags, Styrofoam, and other materials.

Why does this matter?

Well, if you don’t follow the guidelines, you contaminate the load.  I’ve heard rumors that the entire truck load ends up diverted to the landfill if unaccepted items are put in the big, purple rolly bins (also gloriously easier than having to carry two big, heavy tubs out to the curb).  That’s most likely an exaggeration, but if nothing else it drives up the cost of single stream recycling.

Once you figure out what’s accepted and the guidelines (caps removed, clean, etc.), it’s really just a matter of changing your routines.

So, today’s challenge is to start recycling (if you don’t), but whether you’re already an avid recycler or not, part one is to research your city’s recycling guidelines and make sure you’re doing it correctly.

If you already recycle and know you’re doing it right,

then today’s challenge for you is to start to recycle

ONE NEW ITEM that you don’t already recycle. (part two)

It may be plastic bags (@Target), or Styrofoam (@UPS), or electronics, or batteries , or lightbulbs (CFL or LED) (Find a place near you here), or toothbrushes (@WholeFoods), or those little plastic caps that the city recyclers don’t accept (@TheArtGarage (in Denver, CO) or @RAFT).  Combine recycling those items with another trip to save gas.

A quick Google or Bing search ought to do it.  But, that’s the challenge for the day.  Then, continue that practice from now on.  Easy!  Right?


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