Do you Plog?

Have you heard of “Plogging”?  It is a phenomena where people go jogging, bring a bag and pick up trash along their route.  “Plogging” is essentially a combination of the word jogging and the Swedish words for “pick up” (plocka upp).

Today’s challenge is to give it a go!  Try “Plogging” in your neighborhood and see how much you pick up on a 10 minute jog (or walk, if you don’t like to jog/run).  You can do this as you walk into a store, run an errand, or just go out for exercise.  Bring a bag to collect your finds.  For bonus points, recycle any items that are recyclable in your treasure bag.  You’ll be amazed how much litter and recyclable items you find!  Burn calories and be proud you helped clean up the environment.

I find myself constantly picking up litter…as I walk my daughter to school, as I walk into a store, or while I walk my dog.  This is something I do.  Sometimes it annoys my family, but I don’t mind.  A few times, while walking through a parking lot and picking up litter on my way in, people have said “you inspired me to pick up trash”.  And then there were two people doing it.

Here’s a video about plogging, but you can find many more longer ones.  I just figure your time is valuable, so this is a brief one.  Now, get out there and start plogging!

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