Fruit Flies and Panic

We recently had a fruit fly infestation…in our kitchen.  The solution ended up being a “fruit embargo”…and a fruit fly trap made of a cup of water, a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap (eco-friendly, of course) in a glass set on the kitchen counter until nay a fruit fly remained airborne.  Generally Buddhist, I go out of my way to save all living creatures, including spiders and ants.  But, not fruit flies in my house…and not Japanese beetles.  Japanese beetles are pure evil in the garden.  They decimate beautiful roses and destroy food crops.

It’s not just about fruit flies…

Similarly, I recently had a sort of panic attack due to a “to do” infestation.  I always have a lot on my “To Do” list, and I manage.  But, this was borderline panic after hearing a feng shui theory that every thing we have has a string attached to us.  Every. Thing.  (Yes, even the stuff in the closets, attics and basements…and storage units).  Visualizing that made me panic.  No wonder Marie Kondo has sold multiple books about decluttering and now has her own TV show!

Now, I have a fairly decluttered home, but lately piles have started accumulating as I’ve been renovating my new office space and working more out of the home.  Heck, even working in the home, it was hard to keep up with the piles.  Fostering kittens lead to pretty much every towel we own being out of the linen closet.

But, similar to the fruit embargo, I decided to conduct a panic embargo.  Panic, stress and fear are counterproductive emotions.  They are very real and can be crippling (think “fight, flight or freeze”).  I sat down with my “To Do” list and parsed out what I can realistically do today, this week, this month and in the next six months.  Some things are more urgent than others (bills and library books have due dates, but signing up for that paint ‘n sip class with my husband does not).  I’ve recently been challenged with coming up with four fun things to do in the next two months.  So, although not urgent, those absolutely are important.

Remember to Breathe…

My point is that sitting down, taking some deep breaths, being gentle with myself and thinking “what is realistic, what’s urgent and what can I let go of?” helped.  So, I blocked out some time to tackle ONE pile of papers and get the linen closet back together.  AND, since my marriage is important, I scheduled time with my hubby…it ended up being a Thai dinner date and snuggling back home with a movie I think we both wish we could un-see, but it was wonderful just the same. 

The movie was Burn Before Reading, by the way.  Guess we’re just not the dark humor / Pulp Fiction / brain matter splattered on the back of the closet wall type.

I leave you with this:  if you end up with an annoying fruit fly infestation, there is a way to deal with it.  And, if you find yourself overwhelmed with your To Do list, there’s a way to deal with that too.  Take a deep breath, come up with an action plan and follow it through.  Everything gets done eventually (or it falls of the task list because it didn’t matter that much anyway).  And, well, fruit flies are just another source of protein. 🙂

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