Services & Events


  • Healthy Eating
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Healthy Choices


  • Participate in city recycling
  • Pick up litter in your community
  • Community involvement
  • Connecting with your community (gardens, local schools, libraries, organizations)
  • Shop local
  • Support Certifiably Green and B Circle businesses in your community


  • Plogging
  • Systems set up
  • Junk mail reduction
  • Composting & recycling setup
  • How to shop, clean, de-clutter and live more sustainably
  • How to get involved
  • Supporting Sustainability-Focused Charities
  • Investing in green businesses

Let SustainableThree help you live more sustainably – $80/hour (includes consultation on helping you minimize your carbon footprint and waste to the landfill, systems set up, subscription set up, junk mail reduction, recycling setup (if not already in place), de-cluttering with less waste, and training on how to shop, clean and live more sustainably)


The best thing you can do to start reducing your carbon footprint!

From setup to maintenance – $80/hour (plus materials*)

(includes free quote, finding the right composter for your

space and lifestyle, getting is set up with materials and

starter, setting up a system and training, plus follow up and check ups)

*Composting materials include:

Composter for outside

Kitchen compost bin

Compost starter

Mindfulness Training for Teachers:

Six-week training for teachers/in-classroom support to kick off using Mindfulness regularly in the classroom


Mindfulness Training for Students:

Six week weekly sessions in class (during Advisory or other non-academic time)/ 15 minutes each


Mindfulness Training for Parents:

Information sessions/Classes offered to extend the work to the home environment


Mindfulness Club:

Ideally a parent and a teacher run the club – training for parent/teacher with curriculum

Adds more opportunity for Mindfulness practice in a safe, comfortable environment

Dovetails well with a Yoga Club


Individualized/Corporate/Company Mindfulness Work:

Six-week training for staff support to kick off using Mindfulness regularly in the work environment.

Inquire here for pricing!

Techniques include:

  • Explanation of Mindfulness
  • (including references to scientific studies of its success)
  • Body Scan
  • Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to use in the office or at home
  • Visualizations
  • Mindful Eating
  • Managing Emotions and Pain
  • Creating Tools/Reminders to be Mindful

To book Liz Rutledge for an individual Mindfulness session,

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Let’s start with a FREE 15-Minute Consultation

$50/half hour                                $80/hour                            $100/90-minutes

(Sessions include phone/text/email accountability and

support so you get the optimal results).

Public Speaking:

Looking for a speaker for your company, school, MeetUp or other group?

Liz Rutledge talks about Mindful Sustainability 

Please inquire for pricing:

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Come on a journey to deeply experience ways you can remain calm in the sea of chaos, have the tools you need to have fun in your relationships,  learn how to focus, feel less anxious and more empowered, and create a vision for your life so you can live a life of design, not one of default.

Join Liz Rutledge of Sustainable Three and
Cyrina Bullard of Catch Happiness for a journey of Wellness!